American Checkered Giant

Breed: American Checkered Giant

Description: Two colours are recognized, black and blue. All coloured markings-butterfly or nose markings, eye circles, cheek spots, ears, spine markings, tail and side markings-are to be clear and distinct.

Although it is called the American giant, this breed originated in Germany. Its origins are a mystery. Some authorities maintain that it was bred from the Flemish giant and a wild white hare. According to this theory, the offspring were mated together and inbred to keep the black and white markings. Other experts say that checkered lops first appeared and were bred with the Flemish in order to reduce the size of the ears.

In appearance, the American is very much like the English spot but lacks the chain of spots of the latter and is much larger. The first checkered giants seen in America about 1910 were much smaller than those of today. Today the ideal weight for buck is 11 pounds or over and 12 pounds or over for does.

The checkered giant has a very distinctive body type. It is long and well-arched with medium-broad hindquarters and body carried well of the ground. A bad fault is the lack of proper back arch, short, coupled or cut-off hindquarters.

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