Breed: Angora

Description: It is fitting that the Angora be listed among the first breeds because it begins with the first letter of the alphabet but also because it is one of the oldest breeds of rabbit and the forerunner of the fancy rabbit. The Angora is believed to have originated in Turkey hundreds of years ago. There is no definite proof of this, but it is worthwhile to note that other long-haired species of 154 animal such as goats, sheep and cats are also said to have originated in Turkey.

The general appearance of the Angora should be as round as a ball. Many specimens, however, are too narrow-shouldered, making them look pear-shaped. This problem is sometimes caused by too much grooming. The English Angora is adorned with what are called “furnishings.” These are growths of wool on the extreme tips of the ears and front feet. The ears should be well covered with a ball-like tuft of wool, but they should also have a fur covering all over the outside of the ear from the base of the ear right up to the tufts. The front feet are similarly adorned and have foot pads of wool, which unfortunately cannot be seen when the Angora sits in a crouched position. The eye color is rich ruby red.

Since the introduction of the usual white or albino Angora, some very beautiful colored Angoras have been bred. The most popular of these is the smoke, but there are also blue, black and chinchillated varieties.

Another breed of Angora which is not often seen is the French Angora. This breed is slightly larger than the English; it is heavier in bone and weighs eight pounds and over. The ears and forefeet lack the furnishings of its English cousin.