Blanc De Bouscat

Breed: Blanc de bouscat
Description: The blanc de Bouscat, almost unknown in the United States, is also quite rare in England, although it does enjoy a small group of followers.

As its name suggests, the Bouscat is of French origin. It was produced by Mssr. Paul Dulon of Gironde in 1910. The Bouscat is very popular on the European continent both as an exhibition fur rabbit and as a meat rabbit.

The Bouscat is believed to have been produced from the Angora, argente Champagne and albino Flemish giant. With this ancestry, it should be evident that the Bouscat is a fairly large rabbit, weighing about 12 pounds for the buck and up to 14 pounds for the doe. White is the only color and the fur is like the Beveren, dense and silky.

The head is strong and broad, very rounded and well-set on the shoulders. Although it is a large rabbit, the fineness of bone is impressive like all meat-producing rabbits. The body is long and the back has a slight curve, starting behind the head and ending just in front of the haunches. The ears are long, well-rounded at the tips and held in a V-shaped position similar to the Beveren.