British Giant

Breed: British Giant
Description: The coat is judged for its density and thickness (three-quarters to an inch long). The accepted colors are white (true white, not cream, with blue or pink eyes), black (black to blue, with blue or brown eyes), dark steel gray (evenly ticked, with brown eyes), brown gray (evenly ticked, with blue, gray or brown eyes) and blue (with blue gray or brown eyes).

According to the standards of the British Rabbit Council the British giant
rabbit is a large breed weighing not less than 12’/z pounds for does and 111/z pounds for bucks. An entrant that weighs more than 15 pounds gets extra
points, while another one weighing less than the minimum weight
requirements is penalized.

This rabbit has a large, long and flat body. The front and hind quarters are also broad. The head must likewise be broad (narrow heads are faulted) and the ears must be erect. Size must not be on account of excessive fat or bagginess.