Breed: Californian
Description: The entire body color is pure white with the black point markings of the Himalayan although the nose blaze is not as pronounced. The body is medium long, the back slightly rounded but full on the sides and shoulders.

Notice the strong resemblance of the head markings of this Californian is a large rabbit, about twice the weight of the Himalayan. The Californian is one of the more contemporary breeds of rabbit. It was produced in the United States in 1923. The creation of this breed was not an accident. It was painstakingly raised by George West, who wanted a better commercial rabbit than those available at the time. He began by crossing a Himalayan with a chinchilla.

The progeny from this mating were mated to New Zealand whites. The end product was a large, meaty, well-proportioned rabbit with Himalayan markings. It took quite some time before the Californian was recognised. In 1939 the breed was officially registered by the American Rabbit Breeders Association. It is now reared the world over as a good meat-producing animal on par with any other commercial rabbit.