Chinchilla giganta rabbit

Breed: Chinchilla giganta rabbit
Description: Breeders have found that very large breeds are not always profitable for the meat market. Their growth rate may be slow, and they will need much more food. The meat-bone ratio may also be small.

The chinchilla giganta was produced in England by Chris Wren in the early 1920’s. It was reared for the sole purpose of combining better meat production with the attribute of the attractive chinchilla coat.

As a meat rabbit, the giganta is almost perfect; it quickly reaches the required growth rate. The pelt has caused some controversy within the rabbit world. Some say that it is equal in quality to the normal chinchilla, while others maintain that it is much too dark for high-class pelt work. The giganta’s coat is certainly a little harsher and darker, but some really large pelts can be obtained from good-sized specimens. A maximum weight limit of 12 Ibs. is placed on the giganta.

The giganta has two additional differences from the normal chinchilla. Firstly, barred feet are not a fault in the giganta. Secondly, unlike most fur breeds, the giganta carries its ears slightly sloped backward and open at the top, forming a distinct V when viewed from the front.