Breed: Palomino
Description: The palomino lynx is bright orange with a pure white under-color. The whole coat is evenly ticked with lilac-colored hairs, giving the coat an attractive two-toned look. The ticking is one of the biggest failings in palominos; it should be evenly distributed, neither too light nor too heavy. If the ticking is too light, the two-toned effect is completely lost.
If it is too dark, the coat tends to have a blue cast, which is a fault. The effect required is a silvering. White patches on any part of the body are a total disqualification. As in the golden palomino, the eye color should be brown or hazel and the toenails dark. Any other eye color or white toenails are also a disqualification. The ideal weight is nine pounds in bucks and ten pounds in does. The registration weight is eight to ten pounds in bucks and nine to eleven pounds in does.

The palomino is exclusively an American-bred utility rabbit. It was produced by Mark Youngs of Washington from a mixture of other breeds with the object of rearing a distinctly colored rabbit that would breed true genetically.

The palomino is bred in two colors-lynx and golden. The golden is a brilliant gold with a white to creamy undercoat. The coat has evenly dispersed light gold guard hairs. The belly, eye circles and underside of the tail are also creamy white. The top color and belly color should meet in a gradual shading on the flanks. This shading should be minimal and should not extend too much up the sides of the body. The eye color required by the standard is brown or hazel; any other eye color is a disqualifying fault. The toenails should be dark; white toenails are also a disqualification.

Palomino Rabbit Breed