Breed: Rhinelander
Description: The ground color is white with a full butterfly marking of black on the nostrils. The eye circles are also black and completely encircle the eye. On the sides of the face there are distinct spots of black and yellow that should not run into the eye circles. The short, strong ears are colored yellow and black. Along the entire length of the back there is a saddle of colored spots somewhat similar to the English spot herring bone marking. Along the haunches and flanks are six to eight rounded spots of both colors-yellow and black. The fur is extremely dense and silky, about one inch in length.

The Rhinelander hails from Germany, as its name suggests. It is a well-known breed on the European continent and some specimens have found their way into the hands of English fanciers.

The Rhinelander is a dual-purpose rabbit with good pelt qualities and useful meat-producing assets. It was bred by crossing the butterfly breeds and the harlequin; little or nothing is known about its early development.

The general type is a meat rabbit with a solid, thick-set body and well-proportioned rump. The bone is medium strong with hind legs that are well muscled.