Siamese Sables

Breed: Siamese Sables
Description: The shadings of the Siamese sable are much more distinct than those of the marten sable. The Siamese is bred in three shades-light, medium and dark sepia. The light variety has better shading. The saddle, face and ears should be dark sepia, shading down to very light sepia on the flanks and belly. The medium variety is slightly darker sepia but the shadings are less marked. The dark Siamese sable is almost self colored. The points are still noticeable, but to a lesser degree than either the light or medium shades.

The Siamese sable is nearly the same as the marten sable except for the color and pattern. The type is exactly the same as the marten, with medium length of body and slightly arched back. The fur of the Siamese sable is also silky and dense. The Siamese sable is often considered the better fur rabbit of the two, but this is debatable. However, it is true that the Siamese is more popular.. The Siamese carries markings similar to the Siamese cat.

In the United States, the dark sable is known as the “sable” and the medium and light Siamese are known as the Siamese sable. The American sable is a few pounds heavier than the American Siamese sable. This may be due to the fact that the sable has been crossed with other breeds to obtain an even darker color. The Havana has been used very successfully for this purpose.