Thuringer Rabbit

Breed: Thuringer
Description: The color of the Thuringer is very similar to the sooty fawn or tortoiseshell. The ground color is, perhaps, a shade darker than the former and is described in the English standard as buff. The entire coat is evenly covered with dark-colored guard hairs, giving an appearance of chamois leather when blended with the dark top coat. The points, which include the face, eye, circles, ears, feet, and tail are all bluish black colored. The haunches are also covered with a bluish black shading which should blend into the yellow very gradually. The whole coat is very dense and silky.

This also is a rabbit that is very popular in parts of Europe but not often seen elsewhere. Consistent with many of the breeds from this part of the world, it can be classed as a dual-purpose rabbit. It is extensively exhibited on the European continent and also makes ? very useful meat rabbit. The Thuringer reportedly originated in Germany where it was bred from crosses of the Himalayan, Angente and possibly the Flemish giant.

The type is a medium- to large-sized rabbit, thick-set and rounded in shape. The back is strong with well-rounded haunches. The head is wide and well set on to the short neck, the ears are wide, but the length is in keeping with the size of the body and head.