Tri-Coloured Dutch

Breed: Tri-Coloured
Description: The front legs and feet are completely white, as in the Dutch. The Dutch saddle is also present, but into this is incorporated the alternate bands of black and golden orange of the harlequin. The hind feet stops of the Dutch complete the pattern with each one being a different color, one black leg and one golden orange leg. Little is known about the origin of the tri-color Dutch, but it is almost certainly of Dutch or French breeding.

This rabbit is not to be confused with the tortoiseshell Dutch mentioned previously. The color which makes up the pattern is similar to the harlequin, complete with stripes. The pattern of the Dutch is also incorporated into this, which makes the rabbit very attractive. The ears are colored according to the harlequin pattern, which is one black ear and one yellow or golden orange ear. The face is divided into half of each color, but the blaze of the Dutch must be present and should be as wide as possible.

This rabbit has never been very popular because of the complication of the pattern. It is bred and shown on the European continent and appears occasionally at some of the larger shows in England.