General information

Rabbits make good pets. they are clean, docile and intelligent. Rabbits can be kept as pets where it is impractical to keep other animals such as dogs and cats. A rabbit can be housed in the simplest of pens, it makes little or no noise and, if properly looked after, it does not smell. Only the basic are needed to maintain a rabbit in good condition; a warm, dry pen or hutch; clean, wholesome food; and fresh water to drink.

It is unfortunate that many pet rabbits are maltreated by their well-meaning owner because owners because of the owners ‘ignorance or complacency. Rabbit are often bought as pets for young children. Once the child loses interest in the pet, the poor animal is neglected, and the responsibility for caring for it often falls on the parents. The young rabbits grow so fast that it can treble its size and weight in a few weeks. It is necessary to emphasize this harsh reality to the prospective pet rabbit owner.

The decision to buy a child a pet rabbit should not be taken lightly. It should be given much thought and consideration. The first point to consider is what kind of rabbit are suitable as a child’s pet. Fortunately, most breed of rabbit are medium-sized and can be handled by children without much difficulty. However, some grow to comparatively huge size and can be a great frustration to own a cuddly little baby rabbit that matures into a 10-pound adult.

The prospective pet rabbit owner should visit a good local pet store and talk to the proprietor about suitable-size rabbits. Also, take a good look at the hutches and notice how clean and healthy the stock is.

The Rabbit’s place in the world

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Food & Feeding

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The Basics of Breeding

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Ailment and Disease

Rabbit make good pets. they are clean, docile and intelligent. Rabbit can be kept as pets as pets where it ...
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Anatomy and physiology

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Commercial Rabbit Production

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The Role of Genetics

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Rabbit Management

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