Buying a Rabbit

Before buying a rabbit there are many points to consider. Like all animals, a Rabbit will make demands upon your time. It will need daily food and fresh water, regular grooming and company. And of course, its hutch and pen will need regular cleaning in all weathers. Rabbits can live to between 8 and 10 years so commitment is top of the list.

Though inexpensive compared to some pets, financial expenses should be taken into consideration. These include the initial cost of the hutch and run and the ongoing costs of feed, bedding and vet bills.

What if you go on holiday? It can be difficult to find someone to look after the rabbit so ask around or talk to your local breeder.

We’re biased but we think that owning a rabbit is a hugely rewarding pastime. They are intelligent, friendly and make great companions to both young and old. Like us, they can become grumpy or irritable if they are uncomfortable or unhappy so prepare to put your rabbit first.