Feeding your rabbit

Whether you feed once or twice a day, it is important to refill your rabbit’s pot at the same time every day.

 Rabbits are creatures of habit and they know when it is breakfast or dinner time! Most pet shops sell a number of complete foods, but remember that hay and water should also be provided. 

When you collect your rabbit find out which food it is fed on and continue it for the first few days as this will help it settle into its new environment. If you wish to change it on to a different food, do so by gradually mixing the old food with the new food over the course of a week. This causes least stress to the rabbit and reduces the chances of it having diarrhoea.

It is important to remember that if the mix is going to be the rabbit’s main diet that every single item of the mix is fed before the bowl is replenished. If your rabbit eats only the food that it fancies and the rest is thrown away, then the diet will not be properly balanced and can result in digestive upsets.

Vegetables should be introduced in small quantities as part of a rabbit’s natural diet. Rabbits normally eat well-washed vegetables such as carrots (including tops), cabbage, spring greens and broccoli. Lettuce should only be given in tiny amounts, and soft fruit as an occasional treat. If you are thinking of gathering greens be very careful where you pick as pesticides, animal urine and exhaust fumes may be present – all harmful and unpleasant.

If your rabbit has access to the garden remember that some plants such as buttercups, bulbous plants and others are poisonous. If in doubt keep the rabbit away!

Remember that your rabbit should have clean fresh water at all times. A bowl is fine but a bottle keeps the water cleaner. Some rabbits, depending on their size and the season, can drink up to a pint of water a day so check supplies at least twice daily.

The amount you feed your rabbit will depend on its breed and the type of food so again check with the breeder or the recommendations on the packaging. A solid feeding bowl is a must as most rabbits will try and move their bowls by one method or another! Glazed earthenware pot is best as plastic will be chewed.