The bedding your rabbit will need

Your rabbit’s hutch will be its home so make sure it is really comfortable. for bedding, wood shaving are ideal as they are clean and absorbent. Sometimes straw and hay on the top of the shaving help with insulation. If shavings are difficult to obtain, shredded paper is an option if used not on its own but as a base layer with straw or hay. (Owners of rabbits with white paws beware as the newspaper print will turn them dark grey.)

Sawdust is not recommended as the dust can often get into the eyes and nose and cause irritation. Dusty or old hay or straw can also cause the same problem so check it before you buy. (Good hay should always smell sweet, not musty.) When bedded with hay or straw the rabbit will probably eat some with its food but don’t worry, this is a natural ‘roughage”.

• Roll up your sleeves!

• Rabbit chores explained

Rabbit should have their bedding changed completely once a week. Rabbits like to use one or more corners as a toilet area so you will need to clean corners out more frequently, perhaps every third day. Also the hutch should be scrubbed thoroughly with disinfectant once a month but make sure your rabbit has somewhere else to go whilst it dries.