What to look for in a rabbit

Where possible ask to see the mother of the baby as this will give you a guide to the size your baby will grow to when mature. Also, if she is healthy and happy, the babies will have had a good start and stand a better chance of survival. Check that the baby rabbit’s eyes and nose are clean and that its breathing is not laboured. It should have a clean coat – part the fur to look for scurf – and a clean bottom with no sign of diarrhoea. (A rabbit’s bottom is known as the ‘vent area’.)

A baby rabbit should feel relatively ‘solid’ so run your hand along its back to make sure that you can not feel individual bones. Watch the rabbit in the hutch, is it active – not sitting hunched in a corner on its own?

Always bear in mind that rabbits are not normally weaned until 7-8 weeks of age so never buy a baby rabbit that should still be with its mother and siblings. Go and visit the rabbit I- 2 weeks before it is weaned, or before you are going to bring it home, so you can discuss with the breeder what food the rabbit is used to and buy accordingly.