Which breed?

There are over 50 breeds of rabbit and over 500 varieties. They vary greatly in size, colour and coat and can weigh anything from 2 pounds to 16 lb-plus like the Vlaamse reus on the right. You need to think about who the rabbit is for and what they will expect from it. For example, long coated breeds such as the Angora, Cashmere or Swiss Fox may look like ‘fluffy bunnies’ but they need regular grooming which young children can find a chore after the first few months.

If the rabbit is for a child, give consideration to the size of rabbit they can easily handle. If the rabbit is for a very young child, we recommend that you do not buy a small rabbit which the child could pick up a inadvertently squeeze or drop. A larger rabbit which they can pet and make a fuss of which will be less stressful for child and rabbit.

A good place to see a variety of breeds is a local rabbit show. These are held by British Rabbit Council’s local clubs all over the country and are a good way of see breeds and meeting breeders who may be to help you find the right rabbit for you.