Magicpeony 5.5L Automatic Pet Feeder with Voice Message Recording and Digital LCD Screen, Pet Feeder Dispenser for Dogs & Cats with Display Timer and Voice Record For Feeding Animals


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Product Description

Would you like to enjoy a relaxing holiday or on weekends?

While you should worry about how your animals feed, if you leave them alone?

The Magicpeony 5.5L automatic pet feeder is a reliable machine for precise portion control

1-12 servings (15g-300g) per meal, 1-3 meals per day to help your pets maintain a good diet.

😻 LCD and voice control panel: 🐶

Easy-to-read LCD display, showing the current time, scheduled meals,

the food and the food. The owner of the pet plays the votes to call the pet at lunchtime.

😻 Food preservation in clean and dry conditions: 🐶

The large capacity of 5.5L, which acts as a storage compartment, can keep pet food dry and fresh, clean.

😻 Fixed time distribution with fixed amount: 🐶

You can set for each meal per hour and the amount of food for dogs or cats, can work automatically.

😻 High connection of the dispenser and screw cap: 🐶

Prevent your pets, especially smart cats, from unearthing extra food.


1. Remove the battery cover by pushing the tab

2. Keep the ON switch OFF

3. Insert three new size D alkaline batteries into the battery compartment.

4. Replace the battery cover and make sure it snaps into place. Turn the feeder up and turn it on


Pet food should not be more than 1 x 1 cm in size; otherwise, the food will get stuck in the hole

The timing program can be set to the time and not to the minutes. For example: you can set 5:00 or 6:00, but not 5:30.



  • 🐶【VOICE MESSAGE RECORDING FUNCTION】 When you are on a short trip or working, our automatic pet feeder can remember your voice and call your pet attention when it is time to eat, as if he were still at home. It will play three times automatically when you reach the preset time. In addition to remembering your voice, you can also set the music that will play to attract your pet to eat food by listening to the familiar sound.
  • 🍗【5.5L OF LARGE CAPACITY & KEEPING FRESH FOOD】 The hopper can hold approximately 5.5 pounds (12 cups) of dry food, around 7-13 days for your pet (depending on the size of the pet), the material of the hopper is ABS, sealed quite well that can keep the food dry and fresh. Do not worry about the deterioration of food due to its long booking time. And the hopper is transparent so you know when you need to add food again.
  • 😸【BIG LCD SCREEN & EASY TO EXAMINE】 The screen allows you to configure various functions, organize the pet’s meal time (morning / afternoon / specific time), set the food component (half cup / quarter cup / one cup) , Set the number of feeds (once a day / 2 times a day / 3 times a day, etc.); and it’s easy to see how many cups your pet has left and how many times he can eat, so he can add more timely foods.
  • 💰【THE MOST PROFITABLE】 Do not hesitate! The quality of the product is definitely worth the price. It has the highest cost performance. Our automatic pet feeder can take care of your pets so you can make a 7-12 day trip with peace of mind. The food setting is especially suitable for diabetic pets, as well as for puppies and kittens that regularly need small foods to avoid overeating, obesity and boredom.
  • ❤️【EASY TO USE AND CLEAN】 Turn off the unit before cleaning, wipe it with a soft cloth, maybe moistened with warm, warm soapy water, but do not wet it or dripping water. We have a PDF version of the instructions for all national languages, as long as you purchase this product, we will send it to you by email. If you have any questions about the product, please contact us by email:
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