RGS Living Petoneer Nutri Smart Automatic Pet Feeder for Cats and Dogs with Smartphone and Alexa Control

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Product Description

The Petoneer Nutri Automatic Pet Feeder provides hassles free and seamless feeding for your beloved fury friend. Easily configure a feeding schedule using the cloud connected APP to ensure your pet is fed a healthy diet. Configure and edit feeding times to work around your schedule and optimise portion size to provide a balanced nutrition. For peace of mind when away, choose to receive push notifications to confirm your pet has been fed. Petoneer Nutri will also send reminders to refill the feeder when food is running low to ensure your pet is always fed. Petoneer Nutri Compatible with Alexa to give you maximum control. For example simply say, ‘Alexa, ask Petoneer to feed Billy 1 portion of food on Nutri’, so hands free, effortless feeding. The large 3.7 litre food container stores enough for to last for days and is delivered through the unique Anti-Jam impeller system into the removable feeding bowl.


  • SMART CONTROL: With the Cloud enabled APP, set timers and portion programs to develop healthy eating habits that are reliable and avoid overeating or missed feeding
  • SMART NOTIFICATIONS: Stay connected with your pet even when away with handy push notifications. Receive refill reminders and feed confirmations to know your beloved pet has been successfully fed.
  • ASK ALEXA: Simply ask Alexa to help, ‘Alexa, ask Petoneer to feed my puppy 1 portion of food on Nutri’. Feed can also be manually released by simply pushing the Feed button.
  • NO JAM DESIGN: Triple Anti-Jam technology ensures food is always delivered on time without failure.
  • LARGE CAPCITY: Large 3.7 Litre capacity provides sufficient storage for days of hassle free feeding. Easily remove the storage bucket and feeding bowl for simple cleaning.
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