Pet Shops

Many pets shops sell rabbits and this is often where many people buy their first pet rabbit. Although some pet shops may acquire their rabbits from private breeders, the majority obtain their rabbits from commercial breeders to ensure a constant supply. Rabbits supplied by commercial breeders are usually the result of mass breeding programmes aimed at quantity rather than quality and bred purely for profit. The rabbits may not have been handled any great deal before arriving at the pet shop and often no information regarding their date of birth, parents, etc is given to the pet shop.

Some pet shops will quarantine new rabbits received for a period of time to ensure they are healthy, and some may have staff handle them to ensure the have good temperatments, before offering them for sale in their shop but some shops will simply offer the rabbits for sale as soon as they arrive not having done any assessment of the health or temperament of the rabbits.

Pet shops are often the first place people think of when looking to buy a rabbit and the most convenient. They may offer a wider range of different colours and breeds than are available in a rescue shelter or offered by a private, hobbyist or show breeder.