Rescue Shelters

Many rabbits unfortunately become abandoned or homeless through no fault of their own every year due to the owner’s inability to care for the rabbit properly, or a change in the owner’s circumstances and these rabbits end up in rescue shelters.

Rabbits will usually have a health check on arrival at the rescue shelter and be treated for any ailments that they may have been suffering from to ensure the rabbit is healthy before being offered for rehoming. Often the rabbit’s temperament will also have been assessed to ensure its suitability as a pet. This means that any new owner is assured of being offered a rabbit of good temperament and health, although there may be little or nothing known about the rabbit’s exact age, history or parents.

Rescue Shelters also usually provide ongoing support for owners of rabbits rehomed by them so can be a great source of advice should any concerns arise after offering a home to one of their rabbits.

Depending on the rescue shelter, any potential owner may be required to complete a series of forms, be interviewed or even receive a home visit to assess their suitability as a potential rabbit owner. The rescue shelter’s primary concern is to ensure the correct placement of the rabbits in their care with a suitable new owner able and committed to caring for the rabbit properly.

Rescue shelters often have baby and adult rabbits for rehoming and is considered by many to be best place to look for a pet rabbit and it can be very satisfying to be giving a homeless rabbit a bright future.