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Rabbit Management

Rabbit Management

Good management is essential if the rabbitry is to be run in an efficient manner. The main ingredient of good management is regularity-it is threaded through a whole multitude of jobs that must be performed to keep the rabbitry clean and in good order. Good livestock management is not acquired overnight. It comes with practice […]


The Role of Genetics

Genetics is the study of heredity. According to the dictionary, genetics is “the tendency of like to beget like.” Genetics explains the factors that enable the rabbit to pass on the familiar characteristics of its species. For rabbit breeders, the purpose of studying genetics is to produce better rabbits. This is achieved by selecting the […]

Commercial Rabbit Production

Commercial Rabbit Production

Man has been raising rabbits for meat production for hundreds of years. All rabbit meat is edible. It is rich in protein and very easily digested. The meat obtained from the domestic rabbit is different from that of the wild rabbit. Domestic rabbit meat is more tender and carries more fat than that of the […]



The American Rabbit Breeders Association or the A.R.B.A., as it is commonly called, was created as the governing body of a handful of rabbit breeders in Illinois about 1915. The initial idea behind the A.R.B.A. was to organize a group that would safeguard the interests of the ordinary rabbit breeder who kept and reared rabbits […]

Anatomy and physiology

Anatomy and physiology

Perfect hygiene is nearly impossible. For example, although the use of a separate sweeping brush for each hutch would be ideal and would restrict the spread of disease from one hutch to another, it would be impractical. Not many rabbitries are in a position to be able to use a different brush for each hutch. […]

Ailment and Disease

Ailment and Disease

Rabbit make good pets. they are clean, docile and intelligent. Rabbit can be kept as pets as pets where it is impractical to keep other animals such as dogs and cats. A rabbit can be housed in the simplest of pens, it makes little or no noise and, if properly looked after, it does not […]

Some sensible advice about breeding

The Basics of Breeding

Rabbits are famous for their ability to reproduce in large numbers. In the wild state, the does have been known to produce as many as four or five litters a year. The number of litters born in a year depends upon the rabbit’s environment. The survival of the young is also largely dependent on the […]

Bunny Basics Adult Rabbit Pig Food, 2.25Kg

Food & Feeding

There is some truth to the myth that rabbits will eat just about anything and that they can be fed on any old scraps from the kitchen It is true that the domestic rabbit will eat as much green food as is placed before it, but that does not mean that the rabbit will be […]

Did you know? Some handy hints & tips

The Rabbit’s place in the world

For a long time, rabbits were taxonomically classed within the order Rodentia, a large (about 40070 of the total) body of mammals that are commonly called rodents. The order Rodentia includes not only the common mouse and rat but also gerbils, hamsters, lemmings, porcupines and beavers, to name only a few others. Today zoologists consider […]